Saverio Giorgio holds a degree in Economics, focused on Intermediaries, International Finance and Risk Management – Corporate and Investment Banking.

Saverio has gained professional expertise in the financial sector, engaged in academic research, and provided advisory services to LSI Banks.
He was awarded first place in the Rome Investment Forum Empowers Talents (RIFET) course in 2019, and earned the Banking and Financial Diploma in 2020.

Alongside his professional activities, he is currently a PhD student in Management, Banking and Commodity Science – Banking and Finance program – at Università La Sapienza, Rome. His research areas are mainly related to the new EU regulatory framework aimed at protecting the financial system stability, internal governance of financial intermediaries and sustainable and impact banking. In such fields he is the author of premiere publications.

He is Lecturer in “Financial Intermediaries Economics”, “Banking Compliance and Internal Controls” and “Sustainable Finance and Impact Banking” at Università La Sapienza, Rome.

Languages: Italian and English.