Artificial intelligence and market abuse legislation

F. Annunziata


“Written by a renowned academic expert in the field of capital markets regulation, this book safely guides the reader through the way by which the application and enforcement of the key source of EU insider trading and market manipulation legislation – namely the 2014 “Market Abuse Regulation” – have been affected by developments in the field of artificial intelligence (Al). It thoroughly analyses this EU legislative act through the lens of the key topics currently discussed in relation to Al, with an emphasis on the rules governing algorithmic and high-frequency trading.
Christos Gortsos, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece.

Artificial Intelligence and Market Abuse Legislation presents a wide-reaching interdisciplinary examination of the impact of Al on the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR).

Assessing the principles and rules governing the MAR disclosure regime as well as the mechanisms of market manipulation, Filippo Annunziata examines the important role of Al systems in the prompt disclosure of inside trading information.

The author analyses the threat of breaches in disclosure protocol posed by technological malfunctions, as well as the opportunities and drawbacks presented by market manipulation in algorithmic trading. This incisive book goes on to argue for greater trading venue monitoring and the installation of adequate systems that can analyse, predict and thus anticipate situations that result in market manipulation.

A state-of-the-art study analysing the impact of Al in relation to MAR from both a disclosure regime and an algorithmic trading perspective, this book will be critical reading for researchers interested in the law on Al, and in the regulation of global financial trading and market regulation. It will also be of interest to practitioners and policymakers working in the global financial sector.

the Author

the Authors

Prof. Filippo Annunziata

Prof. Filippo Annunziata

Prof. Filippo Annunziata