Mariano Carozzi

Graduated in Law

His professional experience consists of three periods mainly.

1991 – 2009 Mariano worked at Banca Sella; between 2009 and 2015 – while keeping a strong cooperation with Sella Group – he founded and managed the first Italian P2P loan platform, Prestiamoci (currently leader in the Italian P2p market) following the filing with the Bank of Italy, the first three capital increases and the joint venture agreement with Smava, the main German P2P player.

During this period, Mariano was a member of the Investment Committee of Dpixel Venture Fund and Jupiter venture fund. As founder of Prestiamoci and later of Sellalab, he took full part in the debate on the rise of the so-called “fintech” in Italy, focusing on payment issues, crowdfunding and the spread of Blockchain technologies.

In 2015 he joined Sator Group where he was involved in the development of Tinaba spa, serving as CEO and then Chairman of the Board of Directors.

He is currently partner of Benifid srl and director of Young srl.

Alongside his professional activity, Mariano follows the development and financing of some projects in the blockchain sector, some already operational and others in the early stages. In the latter area he has been a member of the American Blockchain Foundation, co-founder of Assobit and ABIE, member of the promoting committee of the European Blockchain Forum, continuing to deal with issues related to Blockchain technology, keeping close links with the cryptovalue technology sector mainly in Italy, France and Switzerland.