Donato Varani

Chartered Accountant

Donato Varani is admitted to the Association of Chartered Accountants in Rome since 1993. His experience in banking and financial supervision has been gained in the Bank of Italy for over two decades, leading roles in control functions in listed and unlisted banks. Since 2008, Donato is advisor for banking and financial intermediaries and in 2016 became partner of the Annunziata&Conso network.

Donato provides advisory services on organizational and internal control systems, offering expertise in the areas of prudential, regulatory and anti-money laundering supervision of banking and financial intermediaries. Subjects relating to the administrative liability of entities and legal persons are dealt with as part of his expertise.

He is a statutory auditor and member of the Supervisory Board of supervised companies mainly pertaining to the financial sector.

He consistently serves as speaker in conferences and masters and postgraduate training programmes and regularly publishes a wide range of specialist publications.

Languages: Italian and English